A Guide to Visiting Drottningholm Palace on a Day Trip From Stockholm!

A Guide to Visiting Drottningholm Palace on a Day Trip!

If you are planning to spend a couple of days (or more) in Stockholm, add a day trip to Drottningholm Palace to your itinerary! With a design inspired by the Palace of Versailles, Drottningholm Palace is the best preserved 17th century palace in northern Europe. Read on for the ultimate … Read More

The Best Things to Do in Stockholm

25 Best Things to Do in Stockholm, Sweden!

Stockholm is one of my favorite European travel destinations. Beautiful and vibrant, the Swedish capital offers loads to do, especially if you visit in the late spring, summer, or early fall. Read on to discover 25 awesome things to do in Stockholm, Sweden! Built on an archipelago of 14 islands … Read More

Skogskyrkogarden: Why You Must Visit this UNESCO Site in Stockholm, Sweden!

Skogskyrkogården: What to Do at this UNESCO Site in Stockholm!

If you are looking for a beautiful non-touristy experience to add to your Stockholm itinerary, consider a visit to Skogskyrkogården. Also known as the Woodland Cemetery, Skogskyrkogården is one of Stockholm’s three UNESCO World Heritage sites. Read on to discover what to see and do at Skogskyrkogården! But first, a little bit … Read More

Stockholm Subway Art: 15 Stunning Stations You Must Visit!

Planning a visit to Stockholm? Prepare to be blown away by the beautiful art in Stockholm’s subway stations! From mosaics to line drawings and paintings to sculptures, Stockholm subway art showcases the talents and efforts of dozens of artists. Doing a dedicated tour to view the underground metro art is … Read More

Stockholm in a Day: The Best Things to See and Do!

Stockholm in a Day: A Doable Fun Itinerary You’ll Love!

Stockholm in a day? If you’re wondering, yes, it’s doable! In one day in Stockholm, you can visit some of the top attractions in the city, enjoy Swedish cuisine, and have a wonderful time just soaking up the cool vibe of the Swedish capital. Keep reading to discover how to … Read More