About Me



I’m Vasundhara. I know, that’s a mouthful! Friends and family call me Vasu or Dhara. My name means “the earth,” and I am enamored of everything that’s beautiful about our planet. Join my husband and I as we explore our home state of California and beyond, chasing beautiful travel moments.

Our Travel Interests: Eclectic!

Death Valley California

Exploring Death Valley National Park 

Natural scenic wonders wow and delight us as much as great works of art and architecture. We’re as pleased to relax in the bucolic charm of the countryside as we are excited to experience the bright lights and pulsing rhythms of urban jungles. Hopping into our car for a drive down the Big Sur Coast, a scant thirty miles from our home, thrills us as much as getting aboard an airplane to fly thousands of miles to a faraway place.


Our Travel Style: Comfort First (and Lots of Indulgences!)

A comfortable bed is mandatory! If the water pressure in the bathroom shower is good, we are ecstatic. And if there’s a stunning view from the windows or balcony, that’s the cherry on our cake. We splurge on stays in luxury resorts or beautiful historic hotels. We are both foodies, so we do just as much research on dining options at places on prospective itineraries as on the things we want to see or do. Highly-rated restaurants draw us like magnets, and good gelato equals great vacation days.

Our travels are usually researched in depth and mostly structured. Browsing blogs, poring over travel brochures, and scrolling through photos on Instagram are such an integral part of the fun of travel! But we sometimes end up doing something totally unplanned, often with delightful results.

We look for experiences that require a moderate level of fitness. I am currently nursing pain from spinal disc injures, so intense hikes and climbing towers are off our list of options at this time. Soft adventure like safaris and cruises are right up our alley.

Our Travel Goal: Memorable Moments!

Today there’s opportunity for so many different travel goals. I admire parents that take their children out of school for a trip around the world and an education that no classroom can match, career professionals like Patrick Pichette that give up the corporate world to backpack around the world, my young Instagram friend whose profile says she wants to visit 30 (countries) before 30, and others that want to visit every country in the world.

At Lake Louise

At Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies

I am as guilty as most of us about wanting to always see more and do more, but since my injury, I have learned to slow down and take the time to appreciate every precious moment our travels since have given us. Our goal is to really make the most of every travel experience, whether it’s going some place nearby or far away.

I have learned so much since starting this blog. Not just about travel, but about writing, photography, and marketing through social media. It’s an exciting time to be blogging, and traveling. I hope to inspire readers like you to travel and document your travel, so that you can savor the memories forever.

I hope you will join us as we continue our passionate quest for accumulating beautiful travel experiences.