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On a cruise of the West Indies

I’m Dhara. My name means “the earth,” and I am enamored of everything that’s beautiful about our planet.

Born and raised in India, I came to the USA as a young wife and mom. Over the years, my husband Kishore and I have lived in many parts of the country, and we raised our two sons here. Most recently, we call the beautiful Central California Coast home.

Now retired, we enjoy hopping into our car and going on impromptu drives to look for birds or wildflowers or fall leaf colors, or getting away for 2 or 3 days to explore new cities, or going on longer trips, especially to Europe.

Join Kishore and I as we explore our home country and beyond, chasing beautiful travel moments all over the planet!

More About this blog

On this blog, you will find descriptions of the beautiful places we’ve explored, some frankly touristic (hello, Vatican City and Leaning Tower of Pisa!), some off the beaten track.

We love taking photos, so you’ll find our articles are accompanied by lots of photographic detail. And every post we publish has lots of useful information and tips that will hopefully help you, our reader, as you plan your own amazing adventures.

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Our Travel Interests ARE Eclectic!

Me at Death Valley
Walking the saltwater flats at Death Valley National Park

Natural scenic wonders wow and delight us as much as great works of art and architecture. We’re as pleased to relax in the bucolic charm of the countryside as we are excited to experience the bright lights and pulsing rhythms of urban jungles.

Hopping into our car for a drive down the Big Sur Coast, a scant thirty miles from our home, thrills us as much as getting aboard an airplane to fly thousands of miles to a faraway place.

Our Travel Style is Comfort First (With Lots of Indulgences!)

A comfortable bed is mandatory! If the water pressure in the bathroom shower is good, we are ecstatic. And if there’s a stunning view from the windows or balcony, that’s the cherry on our cake. We splurge on stays in luxury resorts or beautiful historic hotels.

We are both foodies, so we do just as much research on dining options at places on prospective itineraries as on the things we want to see or do. Highly-rated restaurants draw us like magnets, and good gelato equals great vacation days.

Our travels are usually researched in depth and mostly structured. Browsing blogs, poring over travel brochures, and scrolling through photos on Instagram are such an integral part of the fun of travel! But we sometimes end up doing something totally unplanned, often with delightful results.

We look for experiences that require a moderate level of fitness. We love to start our stay in a new town or city with a good guided walking tour. Climbing hills or towers for views is a must, especially in Europe. Soft adventure like safaris and cruises are right up our alley.

Our Travel Goal: Memorable Moments

The name of our blog says it all: we want to make the most of every single travel experience! While we do want to travel to as many places as we can, we also want to slow down and savor each travel moment.

Sitting on the ledge of San Miniato al Monte in Florence, watching the sun set over the city…drifting lazily in a rowboat on the jewel green waters of Emerald Lake in the Canadian Rockies…admiring the gorgeous colors of a Western bluebird at a park in San Diego: that kaleidoscope of memories is what we seek and cherish as we travel.

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