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The Doorways of Orvieto: A Photo Essay

In every place I have been to in Europe, I have been fascinated by the doorways and the door knockers. They are so gorgeous! The doors themselves are rich with architectural details, and, more often than not, they have beautiful stone frames and metal grills at the top of the arches. One rainy afternoon, as we were walking around in the little Umbrian hill town of Orvieto, I decided to capture some of the pretty doorways.

Most of the doorways I saw were a lovely rich brown, so this blue-gray one caught my attention, even though it was not as ornate or upscale as some of the others. And how picturesque is that red scooter standing in front of it!

Orvieto doorway with red scooter

This next door was not too ornate either, but what impressed me was the stone detailing all around it. It looks like it’s been here forever, and that beige stone arched frame looks so gorgeous next to the rich brown of the door!

Orvieto doorway with beautiful stone framing it

Orvieto’s main street leading up to the clock tower yielded multiple doorway treasures, including this one with really deep dark brown panels reminiscent of a bar of dark chocolate:

Orvieto door with dark brown panels

And this dark green door surrounded by a lovely stone frame:

Green doorway in Orvieto

The stone walls of the building below are a lovely foil to the heavy doors. And look at those beautiful carved door panels!

Stone wall with paneled doorway in Orvieto

Another ornate paneled door with heavy knockers:

Paneled doorway in Orvieto

More beautiful doors:

Brown paneled door in Orvieto

Brown door with gray frame in Orvieto

Gfray door in Orvieto

Brown paneled door in Orvieto

I couldn’t believe how many gorgeous doors there were in this tiny little hill town! And it was a rainy afternoon so we didn’t even get to walk around all of it…I am sure I missed some stunning specimens.

Are you as enamored of the beautiful doorways of Europe? Comment below and tell me where you saw your most memorable ones!


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