25 Best Things to Do in Rome Italy on Your First Visit

25 Best Things to Do in Rome for First-Timers!

Rome is a bucket list destination for many travelers. The Eternal City offers so much to see and do that no single list of “25 things to do in Rome” can capture every wonderful experience you can enjoy here. But if your time in Rome is limited (we spent almost … Read More

The Perfect Three-Week Itinerary for Your First Visit to Italy

The Perfect Three-Week Itinerary for Your First Visit to Italy!

Looking for the perfect three-week itinerary for your first visit to Italy? You’ve come to the right place! From cities brimming with history to colorful little coastal towns, and from art and architecture gems to beautiful beaches and charming country roads, Italy has much to offer every type of traveler. … Read More

One of the many bridges over the River Arno in Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy: 10 Best Things to Do on Your First Visit!

Planning your first visit to fabulous Florence? With probably the highest concentration of art and architecture masterpieces in all of Europe, and its great food scene, gelato, and shopping, Florence will definitely be one of the highlights of your first visit to Italy. Read on to discover the 10 best … Read More

The Isle of Capri

One Day in Capri: What to See and Do!

The Isle of Capri is just a ferry ride away if you’re visiting Sorrento, Naples, or the Amalfi Coast of Italy. With its beautiful blue waters and gorgeous gardens, and plenty to see and do, Capri makes for a fabulous day trip from any of these places. So read on … Read More

10 Best Gelato Places in Italy You Must Visit!

My husband and I love good gelato! On each visit to Italy, we’ve had gelato at every stop on our itinerary, sometimes more than once. Read on to discover my take on the best gelato places in Italy! Before we left for our first trip to Italy, I did a … Read More